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Joe Beef BBQ Rub (200g)

Joe Beef BBQ Rub (200g)
Joe Beef BBQ Rub (200g)

Joe Beef BBQ Rub (200g)

To recreate the Joe Beef experience at home. The Joe Beef restaurant is considered one of the best in Canada (ranked 81st best in the world [2015] and 3rd in Canada [2017]).

This dry rub imparts to meats the typically smoky taste of Montreal delicatessens. Just like the butcher’s blend, Joe Beef’s BBQ powder is one of the key products in the line of seasonings and earned many recommendations in the media as well as in cooking blogs, such as Foodie’s Page, the Globe and Mail, Pêche et Poivre, etc.

Located in Montreal, the HACCP-certified production facility where Joe Beef seasonings are prepared is a family business in operation for over 30 years.

Joe Beef BBQ Rub is preservative-free and made with 100% natural ingredients.
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