Za'atar / Zaatar (60g)

Za’atar is the name of any of several fragrant wild thyme varieties from the eastern Mediterranean, and, more famously, the wonderful and ubiquitous mixture that combines za’atar with sesame seeds, sumac, sea salt, and sometimes other spices. There are as many za’atar recipes as there are cooks in Lebanon. To make ours, we combine several herbs with sumac and sesame, leaving out the salt, so that you can add it to suit your taste. Use to season meats, vegetables, dressings, yogurt and cheese. Bake it into breads – or dip bread into olive oil, then za’atar. Combine it with olive oil and salt for an amazing and adictive dip, za'atar-wu-zeit. Ingredients: sumac, sesame, thyme, marjoram, mexican oregano.

Ground, blended & packaged in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. (Contains Sesame)
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