Thyme, Dried (32g)

Thym / Spain
Lemony, peppery, bright, fruity, floral, earthy – thyme (thymus vulgaris) enhances pretty much any savoury dish, either alone or in such classic herb blends as bouquet garni, herbes de Provence, fine herbes and za’atar (this Middle Eastern blend of thyme, sumac, sesame and other herbs takes its name from thyme, za’atar, in Arabic). Thyme is an essential pantry staple in French, Italian, Iberian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Creole and Cajun cookery – but it also turns up in just about every other cuisine. Thyme is medicinally important; its primary essential oil, thymol, is antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
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SKU: 000517B
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