Masa Harina for Tortillas (570g)

Masa Harina pour Tortillas / Mexico
This masa flour is more finely ground than masa harina for tamales. Work one and a half cups of masa harina, a pinch of salt and about two thirds of a cup of lukewarm water into a dough that holds together and does not feel sticky. Form a piece of dough into a ball and press it, between sheets of plastic, in a tortilla press. Remove the plastic sheets with tortilla from the press, place on your palm and peel off the top sheet. Turn over, placing the tortilla onto your other palm, and peel off the plastic. Lay tortilla onto a medium-hot comal or non-stick pan and cook for about 20 seconds the edges should begin to dry and lift slightly from the pan. Turn over the first side should be freckled, and in a few seconds, it should begin to puff up. Cook for another twenty seconds or so. Makes 10 to 12 tortillas. After a couple of sessions, dough consistency, temperature, timing, etc., become second nature it's easy!
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