Dulse Leaf Flakes, Certified Organic (40g)

Dulse en flocons / Canada
Dulse is a seaweed native to the Northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific. It is a popular food in Canada's Maritimes, in Iceland and in Ireland. In addition to being full of minerals and vitamins and high in protein, it is chock-a-block with umami (AKA the fifth taste - or savouriness). This makes it a great vegetarian/vegan alternative to such intensely tasty things as anchovies, shrimp paste, cured meats, Parmigiano cheese, oyster sauce, etc. And carnivores like it too try a bit in a pesto sauce, salad dressings, soups, chowders and stews, egg and tofu dishes, etc.
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SKU: 000887B
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