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Ceramic (clay) Mortar & Pestle, MEDIUM

Ceramic (clay) Mortar & Pestle, MEDIUM

Ceramic (clay) Mortar & Pestle, MEDIUM

Thai kitchens contain mortars and pestles in a variety of materials – wood, ceramic, and granite – each used for different purposes. This handsome ceramic one is used for grinding softer foods – chiles, or garlic perhaps, with the addition of sugar and/or salt which develop flavours and fragrance by breaking down cell walls and releasing moisture. Essential for lightly pounding shredded green papaya or green mango along with an aromatic dressing to make som tam. (May also be available in a larger size.)

Approximate Dimensions:
Outside diameter of the top, 7-3/4" to 8"
Outside diameter of the base, 4" to 4-1/4"
Total height, 6" to 6-1/2"
In Stock
Part Number:900125B

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