Carnaroli Rice (620g)

Riz Carnaroli / Italy
Carnaroli is a superior Italian rice variety with more amylopectin (the starch that is responsible for the lovely creaminess of properly cooked risotto) than the more common arborio variety. Canaroli’s firmer texture makes rissoto easier to cook too. To make risotto:
1. Use a heavy skillet big enough to accommodate 4 – 5 times the amount of raw rice that you are using.
2. Do not wash rice.
3. Suaté aromatics such as onions and garlic until soft, but not browned, in butter, or olive oil and butter.
4. Add the rice and cook, stirring, for a few minutes, until it turns first translucent, then chalky. Don’t brown.
5. Add small amounts of wine and/or stock and cook until absorbed. Repeat until rice grains are al dente and the dish is creamy – it should be just pourable (all’onda). (You will have added meat/vegetables/mushrooms/seafood as you like at the apprpriate time[s] during cooking.)
6. Stir in parmigiano (and if you’re French, maybe a little cream), adjust seasonings, and let sit, covered, for about ten minutes, then serve.
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