Cardamom, Black (38g)

Cardamome Noire / India
Cardamomum amomum is entirely different from its more perfumy cousin, green cardamom, but the two spices complement each other, and a whole range of other “warm” spices such as cinnamon, cloves, pepper, cumin and fennel. Pungent with smoky, camphorous, minty and dried fruit notes that complement spicy foods such as curries and Asian soup stocks, black cardamom is also great in marinades and barbecue sauces for pork beef or lamb. Crush the pods and use them whole; the sticky seeds and fibrous husks are difficult to grind. Black cardamom can over-whelm other flavours, so use sparingly – a pod or two is enough for most recipes.
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SKU: 000491B
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